It happened when I worked in a hotel as a receptionist. A mid-aged couple arrived in that day. As soon as they settled, the husband and his wife went out to see the sites. In the afternoon they came back and went straight upstairs, but the husband came back down almost immediately.

“My angel is falling apart,” he confided in me.

Thinking about their morning trip in the city and just how exhausted they were when they came back, I asked back:

“Are you referring to your wife, sir?”

It turned out that the client was talking about an actual angel: a sophisticated outdoor decoration, usual for a Belle Époque facade. The caryatid supported a balcony above, and, most inconveniently, got particularly weathered and started to collapse on the balcony of the room beneath, where the client in question stayed.

The fallen angel was removed the very same afternoon and serious repairs had been done since this incident.