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Translation Rates

Direction of translation

Rate per word*

source text

Rate per page**

source text


  English, French, Italian => Russian

€ 0,10

€ 22,50


  Russian => English, French, Italian

€ 0,15

€ 33,00


  English, French, Italian => English, French, Italian

€ 0,18

€ 40,00

*The WORD is a combination of symbols placed between two gaps.

**The rate per page is applied when a document has more than 1 page. The standard PAGE (1.500 symbols including gaps) normally contains 225 words for the 1st direction of translation and 220 words for the 2nd and the 3rd directions.


Additional Services


  + 10 %

  Translation of a document in paper-based of other unmodifiable format

  (Documents in any image format – paper form – sent by fax – unmodifiable PDF format etc. Layout of texts extracted from unmodifiable PDF files)

  + 20 %

  Urgency/ Complexity of source text

  + 30 %

  Sworn translations (allowance to cover the fees for tax stamps that must be attached to the protocol papers)*

  + 30 % (min € 16)

*Important notice for those who order sworn translations:

In accordance with the law of the Italian Republic, a translator may certify his or her translation in the Penal Registry office of any tribunal on the territory of Italy. Usually, a translator applies to the tribunal corresponding to his or her residence (Tribunal of Imperia, Tribunal of Genoa) where they swear that their translation is true to the original.

However, each tribunal has its own approach to the certifying procedure, the rules differing from one region to another. It concerns, in particulary, a translation from one foreign language to another, without mediation of Italian language. Italian is an official language, and certain tribunals demand that, in case of translation, say, from English to French, two separated translations be done: one from English to Italian, the other – from Italian to French. According to these entities, direct translation is not allowed. In that case two independent translations ought to be carried out and settled. During the certifying procedure all the pages will be attached together, including the protocol papers.

Besides, what translation to choose depend also on the nature of an official entity where it is to be presented. We advise our Clients to find out as mush as possible before ordering a translation. We are always at your disposal to provide you with the necessary information.


Accepted formats

We accept documents in following formats: paper, doc, html, pdf.

Translations are delivered in following formats: paper, doc, pdf.


Interpreting Rates

  1st hour

  € 30,00

  every following hour

  € 15,00


This rate may be doubled according to the degree of urgency.


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Approximative Quote Calculator

If the text to translate is in digital format and is available for copy – paste function, you may try out our on-line quote calculator. However, we would like to underline, that this tool offers only an approximative cost for a standard text of a medium complexity. It is designed mainly to save your time.

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