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Oct 1 2016

Translator's Anamnesis

TRANSLATOR'S ANAMNESIS or Why so many questions?   When you visit a doctor for the first time, he asks you the usual questions about the vaccinations and the illnesses you had an so on. The doctor needs this information for your medical history: the better he knows you, the better he can help you. This procedure is called anamnesis. The medical profession and the one of a translator have much...
Sep 29 2016

Translator's Rights and Duties

TRANSLATOR'S RIGHTS AND DUTIES A Compendium   Each occupation has its own rules of professional behavior. They are based on common sense, generally acknowledged moral principles and their derivatives – laws. And though there is no analogy of the Hippocratic Oath for translators, every self-respecting one has an idea about a certain moral code that their clients expect to be respected. This...
Sep 29 2016

Terms Used in Translation

TERMS USED IN TRANSLATION   There exists a number of terms that translators cannot help using when they contact their clients.   Original – a speech or a written text which is an object of translation to another language (= source text).     Translation – 1) something that is or has been translated,...